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Shizuku-Chan is a popular Japanese anime / manga series about a young raindrop sprite and all his friends. This Wiki aims to be a great information guide to the episodes, characters, and more.  You can help by editing pages and adding photos!


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  • new page Marine-chan
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    New page: Marine-chan (マリンちゃん) is a seawater fairy who lives in the ocean. Appearance and PersonalityEdit Marine-chan resembles a mermaid. She is light blue...
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    New page: Tsuyoko-sensei (つゆこ先生) is a character in "Pururun! Shizuku-Chan". She is voiced by Hazuki Nishikawa. AppearanceEdit Tsuyoko-sensei is a condensed...
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    New page: Hydrangea-san (あじさいさん) is a character who appears in Pururun! Shizuku-Chan. She is voiced by Wasabi Mizuta. AppearanceEdit Hydrangea-san is a...
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  • new page Ritsuko Gibo
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    New page: Ritsuko Gibo (Born June 15, 1976) is a Japanese illustrator and character designer best known for Shizuku Chan. She used to worked at the Japanese...
    Summary: Made an article of the series creator

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